The builder skin selection menu. Greyed out workers are unable to be selected.

Your builder is used to build units.

Do not pylon first unless in a 1v1.

Build units immediately.

What can my builder do?[edit | edit source]

Building[edit | edit source]

Your worker can build structures that will spawn units over time. Each different type of building makes a different kind of unit.
In The Heart of the Swarm's Nexus Wars, some buildings can make two types of units, such as the Hellion/Hellbat, Nova/Spectre, Warhound/Cyclone, Viking/Liberator, Transfusion Queen/Rapid Transfusion Queen and Lurker/Swarmhost.
Sync your buildings by selecting all buildings with the same unit building time and holding escape.
You can sync one unit at a time by creating two units at the building you want to sync and cancelling the unit that is being created just as another unit spawns at an older, similar timed building.
Build buildings towards the back of the map so heroes won't be able to attack them later on.
Build buildings in rows, not columns, with at least one tile in between them so units don't get stuck.
Your worker can also build up to two cannons and up to one pylon.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Blink[edit | edit source]

-Blink is a short-range teleport with a short cooldown. It allows you to get where you are going, faster. Workers will maintain inertia through a blink in the direction you are moving so you can get places quickly when you need to.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Heals any single unit over time. The builder cannot perform any other actions while repairing.

Nuke[edit | edit source]

The most powerful ability your worker has is to Nuke. A Nuke is a large-area targeted abilty that will unconditionally kill all enemies highlighted by it when it is used. However, each player on your team is allotted only one Nuke per game. Players who have left the game will have their worker available to use for all remaining teammates and their Nuke will be available for use by those remaining players.

Advanced[edit | edit source]

The highest-level play that can be accomplished with your worker is build-cancelling. It is also known as "splitting," "pulling," or "rax cancelling." Create a building and cancel it before it is fully built. You can drag units around the map with this technique buying you valuable time.

Skins[edit | edit source]

There are many different cosmetic skins available for your worker, including all of the standard Starcraft builders, and some other appealing options. They all have requirements that need to be achieved in order to use them, so when you see players using some workers, you can generally tell someone's experience with the game. 

The command to open the builder selection menu is -builder.

The map trigger looks ONLY for "-builder", so "-builderpenis" can work too. It is recommended that you use the latter.

The hidden builders unlocked via rating include the Sentry Bot and the Predator skins.

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